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Stonehouse Enterprises is a collection of businesses encompassing the skills of two generations, one family.
The two divisions of Stonehouse Enterprises are Stonehouse Creations, a craft based business featuring handmade heirloom pieces. Currently we are presenting "The Classic Candle Wine Bag". Produced in the heart of wine country in the Niagara Peninsula. Stonehouse Design is a computer based business concentrating on interactive, multimedia productions for both the web and C.D. distribution. For more information on either business, please click on the business cards below!
The Upper Stonehouse
Stonehouse Enterprises was named in honour of our family homestead "The Upper Stonehouse" which is situated in Allanburgh, Ontario. Built in 1809, the Stonehouse is fast approaching its 200th anniversary. Still family owned, my children are 8th generation family members to stay at the Stonehouse.
Look for an upcoming addition to this web site on the history of the Upper family in the Niagara Peninsula, and the role the Stonehouse played in the early years of settlement of this area, including the War of 1812 and the forming of regional government.
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